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has_more_data Property

Shows whether or not there is more data in the gzip archive.


def get_has_more_data() -> bool: ...

has_more_data = property(get_has_more_data, None)

Default Value



The Gzip format described in RFC 1952 allows multiple gzipped data members to be concatenated into a single file. However, due to the nature of the algorithm it is impossible to determine the number of data members until after the entire archive has been decompressed. The has_more_data property can be used to cycle through the archive and extract each file.

Simply set the archive_file and extract_to_path properties, then call extract as long as the class has available data.

Note: the class will not update file_decompressed_name unless you call scan or manually set file_decompressed_name on each loop before calling extract.

Example (Extracting Multiple Files)

ZipControl.ArchiveFile = "c:\temp.zip"
ZipControl.ExtractToPath = "c:\extracted\"
  //here you may inspect the file name in file_decompressed_name prior to extraction
While ZipControl.HasMoreData

This property is read-only.

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