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on_progress Event

Fired as progress is made.


class JarProgressEventParams(object):
  def data() -> bytes: ...
  def filename() -> str: ...
  def bytes_processed() -> int: ...
  def percent_processed() -> int: ...

# In class Jar:
def on_progress() -> Callable[[JarProgressEventParams], None]: ...
def on_progress(event_hook: Callable[[JarProgressEventParams], None]) -> None: ...


The on_progress event is automatically fired as compression or decompression is performed. When WriteToProgressEvent is true, the output data is provided through the Data parameter, allowing for it to be streamed out.

Filename contains the name of the file being written. If no file is being written, Filename will contain an empty string, and the output data will be provided exclusively through this event.

BytesProcessed contains the total number of uncompressed bytes processed. PercentProcessed contains the percent of uncompressed bytes processed, corresponding roughly to the running time of the operation.

For Gzip extraction only, BytesProcessed and PercentProcessed will reflect the number of compressed bytes extracted, as it is generally impossible to predetermine the total uncompressed size.

If WriteToProgressEvent is false, Data will contain null.

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