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extract_all Method

Extracts all files from the compressed archive.


def extract_all() -> None: ...


extract_all extracts all files from the archive. The file(s) will be extracted to the directory specified by extract_to_path, and given the names found in the archive or specified by the file_decompressed_name field of the file in the files collection.

If scan has not been invoked when extract_all is called, scan will automatically be invoked, and the files collection will be set to the values found in the archive. To manually set the decompressed filenames, scan should be invoked before setting the file_decompressed_name field.

Invoking this method is equivalent to setting excluded_files to the empty string, and then invoking extract with "*" as the argument. Calling this method will cause the excluded_files property to be ignored; to extract all files except those specified by excluded_files, call the extract method with the wildcard "*" as the method parameter instead of calling this method.

The on_begin_file and on_end_file events will be fired before and after each file is extracted, and the on_progress event will be fired as the data is extracted. If WriteToProgressEvent is set to true, the decompressed data will be streamed out through the on_progress event.

Example (Extracting from an Archive)

ZipControl.ArchiveFile = "c:\temp.zip"
ZipControl.ExtractToPath = "c:\extracted\"

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