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excluded_files Property

A list of files to exclude.


def get_excluded_files() -> str: ...
def set_excluded_files(value: str) -> None: ...

excluded_files = property(get_excluded_files, set_excluded_files)

Default Value



This property specifies files that should be excluded when compress or extract is invoked. When compress is invoked, each value of file_decompressed_name in files will be compared to excluded_files, and each file will be excluded if the name matches. When extract is called, each value of file_compressed_name in files matching the parameter to extract will be compared to excluded_files, and will be excluded if appropriate. Calling the extract_all method will ignore this property and extract all files in the archive.

This property may be set to one or more filenames or directory names. Files may be specified with or without a path, and with or without wildcards. If a path is specified, files in the indicated directory will be excluded; subdirectories will be recursed into if recurse_subdirectories is true. If no path is specified but wildcards are, matching files in all directories will be excluded. If a single filename without a path is specified, it must correspond exactly to the appropriate value of file_compressed_name or file_decompressed_name.

Directories should end with a slash ("/" or "\", as appropriate.) If a directory is specified, all files and subdirectories in the specified directory will be excluded.

A pipe character ("|") should be used to separate multiple file or directory names.

The following examples illustrate the use of the property:


ZipControl.ArchiveFile = "c:\test.zip"
ZipControl.ExcludedFiles = "*.tmp"

ZipControl.ArchiveFile = "c:\test.tar"
ZipControl.ExcludedFiles = "*.bak | backup/"
ZipControl.ExtractToPath = "c:\temp"
As per the examples, the property should be specified differently for compression and decompression. When invoking compress, the format of excluded_files should correspond to that of the local file system. When invoking extract the format should correspond to standard (UNIX) format, and should not contain drive letters or backslashes.

You may exclude files based on their attributes as well: See the ExcludedAttributes configuration setting for more information.

If the property is set to the empty string, no files will be excluded. This property is never reset automatically, so be sure to reset it manually if using a single instance of the class for both compression and extraction. Failure to do so may result in I/O errors or unexpected results.

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