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overwrite_files Property

Whether or not to overwrite files.


def get_overwrite_files() -> bool: ...
def set_overwrite_files(value: bool) -> None: ...

overwrite_files = property(get_overwrite_files, set_overwrite_files)

Default Value



If this property is set to true, existing files will be overwritten when decompressing. When extract or extract_all is called, each file specified in files will be checked for existence. If a file exists, the on_overwrite event will be fired, and the files will be overwritten if overwrite_files is set to true.

More precise control of which files should be overwritten may be gained by listening to the on_overwrite event and altering its parameters when the event is fired.

This property only affects the operation of extract and extract_all. When compressing files, archive_file will always be overwritten unless the user specifies otherwise in the on_overwrite event.

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