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seven_zip_data Property

(Decompression only) The seven zip file contents as a byte array.


def set_seven_zip_data(value: bytes) -> None: ...

seven_zip_data = property(None, set_seven_zip_data)

Default Value



Normally you should set archive_file before invoking scan or extract. If you prefer to read the zip file from memory you may set zip_data instead. zip_data should be set to the entire contents of the zip file; this will allow you to read from the archive without writing any temporary files to disk.

If you would like to extract data from the archive without ever writing to disk you should also set WriteToProgressEvent to true, and after invoking scan, you should set the value of file_decompressed_name for each file in the files collection to an empty string. Then, when you invoke extract (or extract_all) the data will be provided in the on_progress event.

This property is write-only. Note that modifying a zip file stored in zip_data is not supported, so append, delete, etc., will throw exceptions.

This property is write-only.

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