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archive_file Property

The name of the self-extracting zip archive to create.


def get_archive_file() -> str: ...
def set_archive_file(value: str) -> None: ...

archive_file = property(get_archive_file, set_archive_file)

Default Value



This property specifies the name of the archive to be written when CreateSFX is called. Any pre-existing archive file will be overwritten.

The filename may be specified with or without a path. Paths may be relative or absolute, and should be specified in the format native to the host operating system. The filename should be specified with the appropriate ".exe" extension. An extension will not automatically be appended by the class.

If the file cannot be written a trappable error will be generated.

Example (Creating a Self-Extracting Archive)

class.ArchiveFile = "c:\test.exe"
class.RecurseSubdirectories = true
class.SourceDirectory = "c:\foo\"
class.CaptionText = "Testing ZipSFX"
class.BannerText = "Press continue to decompress the archive."

Note: When creating a self-extracting archive which exceeds 4 GB or more of uncompressed data or which contains more than 64K files, the class will create a 64-bit Zip archive.

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