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source_directory Property

Directory to be compressed into a self-extracting archive.


def get_source_directory() -> str: ...
def set_source_directory(value: str) -> None: ...

source_directory = property(get_source_directory, set_source_directory)

Default Value



This property specifies the name of the directory containing the files to be compressed. This may be a local or absolute path. If the recurse_subdirectories property is true, all the subdirectories under source_directory will be recursed into, and those files will also be compressed.

Example (Creating a Self-Extracting Archive)

class.ArchiveFile = "c:\test.exe"
class.RecurseSubdirectories = true
class.SourceDirectory = "c:\foo\"
class.CaptionText = "Testing ZipSFX"
class.BannerText = "Press continue to decompress the archive."

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