S3 Drive stores provider and region information in a tree in the registry. In most cases there is no need to manage these settings directly within the registry. Providers and regions can be managed from the application directly from the Provider Management dialog. See Provider Management for details.


A registry key is automatically created for each provider supported by the application. These are created at the following path:


The following values are applicable to the providers at this path:


The endpoint URL format for the provider with optional region placeholder. If the provider supports multiple regions use %region% in the URL to represent the location where the region will be inserted. For instance:

Note: If the service does not contain multiple regions simply do not include the placeholder, for instance a value of for a MinIO service is valid.


Regions for each supported provider are specified in a sub-key of the provider key. These are created at the following path:


Each region is listed as a separate value in the above path. The value should be a String type, where the value name is the region to use in the URL and the value data is the friendly name which will be displayed to the user in the dropdown when creating the drive. For instance:

us-east1StringUS East (N. Virginia)

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