CloudStorageConnection Output Object (Connect-CloudStorage Cmdlet)

The connection object.


Object CloudStorageConnection {
   string AccessKey;
   string Account;
   string AuthMechanism;
   string CertPassword;
   string CertStore;
   string CertStoreType;
   string CertSubject;
   string[] Config;
   PSCredential Credential;
   SwitchParameter Force;
   string HadoopURL;
   string LogFile;
   string OAuthCacheDir;
   string OAuthClientId;
   string OAuthClientSecret;
   int OAuthWebServerPort;
   string Password;
   string ProjectId;
   string SecretKey;
   string ServiceProvider;
   int Timeout;
   string User;


This object holds the connection. It may be passed to the Connection parameter of related cmdlets.

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