Connect-PowerShellServer Configuration

Invoke-PowerShellServer Configuration Settings

GSSAPIMechanisms:   The desired GSS-API authentication mechanism.

This setting determines the mechanism used for authentication with Kerberos. Possible values are:

1 (Kerberos)
2 (NTLM - default)

KerberosDelegation:   If true, asks for credentials with delegation enabled during authentication.

The default value is "true". If set to "false", the client will not ask for credentials delegation support during authentication. Note that even if the client asks for delegation, the server/KDC might not grant it and authentication will still succeed.

KerberosRealm:   The fully qualified domain name of the Kerberos Realm to use for GSSAPI authentication.

This property may be set to the fully qualified (DNS) name of the kerberos realm (or Windows Active Directory domain name) to use during GSSAPI authentication. This can be used to force authentication with a given realm if the client and server machines are not part of the same domain.

KerberosSPN:   The Kerberos Service Principal Name of the SSH host.

This property can be set to specify the Service Principal Name (SPN) associated with the SSH service on the remote host. This will usually be in the form "host/fqdn.of.sshhost[@REALM]". If not specified, the cmdlet will assume the SPN is based on the value of the SSHHost property and the kerberos realm used for authentication.

Base Configuration Settings

UseInternalSecurityAPI:   Tells the cmdlet whether or not to use the system security libraries or an internal implementation.

By default the cmdlet will use the system security libraries to perform cryptographic functions. When set to False calls to unmanaged code will be made. In certain environments this is not desirable. To use a completely managed security implementation set this setting to True. Setting this to True tells the cmdlet to use the internal implementation instead of using the system's security API.

Note: This setting is static. The value set is applicable to all cmdlets used in the application.

When this value is set the product's system DLL is no longer required as a reference, as all unmanaged code is stored in that file.

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