From Parameter (Convert-Data Cmdlet)

The format to decode Data with.


Convert-Data -From string


The following list contains all of the possible encoding types and their corresponding descriptions:

PlainPlain text.
UUEncode3 Bytes are encoded into 4 readable characters.
BASE64 Encoding format of MIME. Much like UUEncode but another subset of printable characters is used.
QP Another MIME format coding only special characters. Mostly used if the text contains special accented characters.
URL Encoding of non-printable, 8-bit or unsafe characters as defined in RFC 1738.
JIS Japanese Industrial Standards encoding of Japanese character sets.
YEncodeSimilar to Base64, but uses 8-bit encoding to reduce the amount of data being sent and received. Designed for binaries on the Usenet or Email.
MD5The Message Digest 5 hashing algorithm produces a 128-bit hash output (Applicable only when -to is used).
SHA1The Secure Hash Algorithm produces a 128-bit hash output (Applicable only when -to is used).
HEX Creates a hexadecimal string representation of the decoded data.

Default Value


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