Item Output Object (Get-RSS Cmdlet)

Created for each Item parsed from the RSS feed.


Object Item {
   string Title;
   string Author;
   string Category;
   string CategoryDomain;
   string Comments;
   string Description;
   string GUID;
   string Link;
   string PubDate;
   string Source;
   string SourceURL;


An Item object is created when the cmdlet's internal XML parser encounters an item while parsing the retrieved RSS feed. The parameters for each item include:

Parameter NameDescription
ChannelDescription Short text description of the channel contents of the current RSS feed.
ChannelTitle The title of the current RSS feed. Typically the title of the channel is similar to that of the web page where the RSS content is hosted.
Title The title or headline of the current item.
Author Email address of the current item's author.
Category The value of this field is a forward-slash-separated string that identifies a hierarchic location in a particular hierarchy. The conventions used to interpret an RSS item's category depend upon the processor.
CategoryDomain URL indicating the definition of the current item's category.
Comments URL location of the comments page for the current item.
Description This is the description of the content of the current item.
GUID This is the globally unique identifier for the current item. It is a string that uniquely identifies the item. Aggregators can use >GUID to determine whether or not an item is new. Aggregators should view this value as a string, but it is up to the source of the feed to guarantee its uniqueness. The value may be the URL link to the full text of the item in order to help guarantee that it is unique.
Link For headline or abstract items, this should be the location of the full text of the item.
PubDate The date of the current item's most recent publication.
Source This property is the name of the RSS channel in which the item was originally published, derived from the channel's title.
SourceURLURL location of the XML-version of the current item's source.

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