AuthMode Parameter (Get-SCP Cmdlet)

The type of authentication used by the component.


Get-SCP -AuthMode string


Normally, the cmdlet will attempt to log in to the SSH server and authenticate via username and password. This behavior can be changed to use client key (RSA) authentication by setting this parameter to 'PublicKey'.

Password (default)Password authentication used with the SSH server.
PublicKeyWhen Public Key authentication is used, the cmdlet will search the certificate store specified in CertStore for a private key associated with CertSubject when logging onto the SSH server. This private key is used to verify the client's identity during the user authentication phase of the SSH logon process.
KeyboardInteractiveWhen KeyboardInteractive authentication is used, the cmdlet will wait for the server to prompt for the password using PasswordPrompt and supply the value of the Password property. This should not be confused with Password authentication.
GSSAPIWithMicThis allows the cmdlet to attempt Kerberos authentication using the GSSAPI-WITH-MIC scheme. The client will try Kerberos authentication using the value of User (single sign-on), or if Password is specified as well, it will try Kerberos authentication with alternate credentials.
MultiFactorThis allows the cmdlet to attempt a multi-step authentication process. The cmdlet will send authentication data to the server based on the list of methods allowed for the current user and the authentication property values supplied.

Default Value


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