Attributes Parameter (Set-LDAP Cmdlet)

Attribute values for the current entry.


Set-LDAP -Attributes Hashtable


This parameter is a hashtable of attributes to be submitted with the request. For instance, to add attributes to an existing entry:

Set-LDAP -AddAttribute -Attributes @{url='MyURL'; telephoneNumber='MyPhone'} -Server $server -BindDN DOMAIN\Administrator -Password admin -DN "CN=MyUser,CN=Users,DC=NS2"
To supply multi-valued attributes the value specified in the hash table may be a string array. For instance:
Set-LDAP -AddAttribute -Attributes @{objectClass=@("top","person","organizationalPerson","inetorgperson")} -Server $server -BindDN DOMAIN\Administrator -Password admin -DN "CN=MyUser,CN=Users,DC=NS2"

Default Value


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