The Advanced tab of the drive settings dialog provides access additional settings which are not commonly used.

Allow all users access to the drive

This option controls whether drives are visible to other users on the system. When checked (default), drives are accessible by all users on the system. When unchecked, the drive is only accessible by the account under which SFTP Drive is running.

Note: this setting should not be disabled when running as a Windows Service. When running as a Windows Service with sharing disabled only the identity of the Windows Service itself will be able to access the drive (typically the Network Service identity). For more information see Shared Drives.

Handle case-sensitive filenames

This option controls whether SFTP Drive should treat file requests as case-sensitive (treating uppercase and lowercase letters as being different). This is only applicable if your server's filesystem is case-sensitive. To use this setting you must disable case-insensitivity in Windows by creating a value in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\kernel registry key. The value should be called obcaseinsensitive (DWORD) with a value of 0. Most Windows applications are not prepared to handle filenames in a case-sensitive manner so using case-insensitive apps may result in unexpected behavior.

This setting should only be enabled if there is a specific reason to do so.

Force rename if the target file already exists

This setting determines whether or not to forcefully rename a file if the destination file already exists. By default, renaming a file will fail if the destination file already exists.

If enabled and the destination file already exists, the destination file will be renamed to have a temporary extension as a backup. The original file will be renamed to the destination file and the temporary file will be deleted. If the rename operation fails for any reason the temporary file is renamed back to the destination file so effectively no changes occur when the rename fails.

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