The Settings tab is used to configure application-wide settings. Please note that configuration changes will not take effect until you click the Save Changes button in the AES Drive toolbar. Options specific to Drives are configured via the Drives tab.

Logging Options

These options can be used to configure the application's logging features.

  • Write Log to a File checkbox defines whether logs are written to a file. By default logs are not written to a file and are only available in the Service tab.
  • Log Mode defines the verbosity of the logs generated by the application. The following Log Mode values are supported:
    • Off - Nothing will be logged.
    • Error - Only errors will be logged.
    • Warning - Additional warning information will be logged.
    • Info - General information about the status of the connection will be logged.
    • Verbose - Logs additional information about the connection and detailed protocol information.
    • Debug - Logs detailed debug information, including raw data.
  • Log Rotation is available when logging to a file. The logs may be rotated after a specified number of days, and the application can also be configured to automatically delete log files older than a specified number of days. When a log is rotated the existing log file will be renamed to include the last date for which the log applies. For instance myfile.log may be renamed to myfile-2020-07-15.log. The date portion of the rotated log name is in the format yyyy-MM-dd.

Session Settings

The Session Expiration Time setting optionally specifies an inactivity timeout in minutes. When set, if no activity is detected for the specified number of minutes the application will display a prompt to ask whether to keep the drive mounted. If the session is not extended within sixty seconds the drive will be unmounted.

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