The following values can be configured independently for each user, at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\nsoftware\SFTPServer\20\Users:

DisplayNameStringContains a readable name for the client shown on the Users tab.
UserNameStringContains the client name.
PasswordStringContains the password for the client.
RootDirectoryStringSpecifies the default directory of the client after starting a channel. In addition, it tells the server to overwrite the global root directory for this user. As a result, the client is jailed to this location because client perceives its working directory as the root of the entire server.

Note: If UseDefaultDirectory is enabled, the value stored in this setting is ignored.

StoreNameStringWindows users only. Tells the server to look for client certificates in the specified store.
StoreTypeDWORDWindows users only. Tells the server to look for client certificates in the Machine or User stores.

  • 0 - User (Default)
  • 1 - Machine

MechanismsDWORDWindows users only. Specifies the authentication mechansism to be used.

  • "All"
  • "Kerberos"
  • "NTLM" (Default)

LogonTypeStringWindows users only. Controls the type of logon performed by the application when attempting to authenticate users.

  • "Network Logon" (Default)
  • "Interactive Logon"

UseDefaultDirectoryDWORDControls the default directory behavior for the client. When enabled, the server will use the default location for this user. The default location is the root of the server, which can be specified on the Server Settings page.

  • 0 - The location is specified by the RootDirectory setting instead.
  • 1 - Use the default location (Default)

EnabledDWORDWhether the server will authorize the user or not. When enabled, the server will authorize the user.

  • 0 - Refuse authorization
  • 1 - Allow authorization (Default)

EnableGSSAPIDWORDWindows users only. Whether the server will allow the GSSAPI authentication mode for the user.

  • 0 - Disabled (Default)
  • 1 - Enabled

EnablePublicKeyDWORDWindows users only. Whether the server will allow Windows store based public key authentication for the user. When enabled, the StoreName and StoreType configuration settings will contain the location the server will look for client certificates.

  • 0 - Disabled (Default)
  • 1 - Enabled

EnablePasswordDWORDWindows users only. Whether the server will allow password authentication via Windows Authentication mechanisms.

  • 0 - Disabled (Default)
  • 1 - Enabled

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