Virtual Users

Double click an entry on the users list or select an entry and click Edit... to bring up the Edit page with corresponding authentication options.

Below are the available options for this page:

  • User: Contains the user name for the client.
  • Display Name: Contains the name shown on the Users tab.
  • Password: Contains the password used to authorize the user when connecting via password authentication. If left empty, Password authentication will be disabled for the user.
  • Public Key: Contains a list of authorized public keys for this user. During public key authentication, the server will validate the signature presented by the client against the keys stored in this field. If left empty, Public Key authentication will be disabled for the user.

    The keys should be in SSH public key format according to RFC 4253. For example:

    ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EA...rPFBe7Pnc= rsa-key-20110822

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