The SFTP tab holds settings related to the SFTP Server functionality in PowerShell Server.

Below are the available options for this tab:

  • Enable SFTP Support: Allows SFTP clients to connect and transfer files to and from the server.
  • Enable Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) Support: Enables file transfer via SCP. This can be used with the Send-PowerShellServerFile and Get-PowerShellServerFile cmdlets included in the NetCmdlets product, or with any other command line SCP client.
  • SFTP Root Directory: The absolute path to the root directory for SFTP users. By default the "windir" environment variable will be used to determine the root directory (typically "C:\").

    The special value "$user" may be included in the path which will be resolved to the username of the authenticated user (without Domain or Machine information). When "$user" is included in the path if the directory does not exist it will be automatically created.

  • SCP Root Directory: The absolute path to the default directory for SCP users. By default the SFTP Root Directory will be used.

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