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Redirection Event

Fires when the server suggests a redirect.


typedef struct {
  String OldURL;
  String NewURL;
  bool AllowRedirection;
} TsbxSOAPClientRedirectionEventParams;

typedef void __fastcall (__closure *TsbxSOAPClientRedirectionEvent)(System::TObject* Sender, TsbxSOAPClientRedirectionEventParams *e);

__property TsbxSOAPClientRedirectionEvent OnRedirection = { read=FOnRedirection, write=FOnRedirection };


This event is fired when the server suggests a redirection request (typically via a 301 or 302 response). OldURL indicates the 'from' page, and NewURL indicates the 'to' one. The destination page can be altered by the application if needed. Use AllowRedirection to block undesirable redirects.

Generally, this is a notification event: the component handles redirections automatically. Use the MaxRedirections config property to limit the number of redirection hops.

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