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ResolveReference Event

Asks the application to resolve a reference.


public event OnResolveReferenceHandler OnResolveReference;

public delegate void OnResolveReferenceHandler(object sender, SoapquicksignerResolveReferenceEventArgs e);

public class SoapquicksignerResolveReferenceEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string URI { get; }
  public int ReferenceIndex { get; }
Public Event OnResolveReference As OnResolveReferenceHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnResolveReferenceHandler(sender As Object, e As SoapquicksignerResolveReferenceEventArgs)

Public Class SoapquicksignerResolveReferenceEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property URI As String
  Public ReadOnly Property ReferenceIndex As Integer
End Class


This event is fired when the control could not automatically resolve a reference and requires custom treatment.

URI contains a reference to the data.

ReferenceIndex specifies the index of the reference to process.

Based on the reference's URI the event handler should set either TargetXMLElement or TargetData property of the reference.

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