SecureBlackbox 2020 iOS Edition

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sigAutoFontSize (property)

Enables default widget font sizes.


@property (nonatomic,readwrite,assign,getter=sigAutoFontSize,setter=setSigAutoFontSize:) BOOL sigAutoFontSize;
- (BOOL)sigAutoFontSize;
- (void)setSigAutoFontSize:(BOOL)newSigAutoFontSize;
public var sigAutoFontSize: Bool {
  get {...}
set {...} }

Default Value



Enables default widget font sizes.

The default font sizes are SigTitleFontSize: 8.77, SigTimestampFontSize: 4.89, SigSectionTitleFontSize: 7, and SigSectionTextFontSize: 5. Switch AutoFontSize off and use the respective properties to provide custom font sizes.

The standard unit of the symbol size in the default user space is 1/72 inch.

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