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Notification Event

This event notifies the application about an underlying control flow event.


func onNotification(eventID: String, eventParam: String)


The class fires this event to let the application know about some event, occurrence, or milestone in the component. For example, it may fire to report completion of the document processing. The list of events being reported is not fixed, and may be flexibly extended over time.

The unique identifier of the event is provided in EventID parameter. EventParam contains any parameters accompanying the occurrence. Depending on the type of the component, the exact action it is performing, or the document being processed, one or both may be omitted.

This class can fire this event with the following EventID values:

TimestampRequestA timestamp is requested from the custom timestamping authority. This event is only fired if TimestampServer was set to a virtual:// URI. The EventParam parameter contains the TSP request (or the plain hash, depending on the value provided to TimestampServer), in base16, that needs to be sent to the TSA.

Use the event handler to send the request to the TSA. Upon receiving the response, assign it, in base16, to the TimestampResponse configuration property.

AddReferenceA reference is being added to the archive. The EventParam parameter contains the path. Use the event handler to tune-up the reference parameters. One such parameter, represented by the RefMimeType config property, is the MIME type of the referenced file object.

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