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ArchiveReader Module

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The ArchiveReader component supports inspection and extraction of files from zip, tar, gzip and bzip2 archives.




ArchiveReader shows and extracts archived files.

Property List

The following is the full list of the properties of the module with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

ArchiveTypeThe type of the archive file.
DecryptionCertificatesA collection of decryption certificates.
DecryptionPasswordThe decryption password.
FileDataThe contents of the last extracted file.
FilesLists all files contained in the archive.
HashAlgorithmReturns the hash algorithm that was used to generate the signature.
KnownCertificatesA collection of certificates to be used for signature validation.
OpenedIndicates if the component is in the open state.
SignatureValidationResultThe signature validation result.
SigningCertificateThe certificate of the signature creator.

Method List

The following is the full list of the methods of the module with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

CloseCloses the current archive.
ConfigSets or retrieves a configuration setting.
ExtractExtracts a single file from the archive.
ExtractAllExtract all the files contained in the archive.
OpenOpens an archive file.
OpenBytesLoads an archive file from a byte array.

Event List

The following is the full list of the events fired by the module with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

AfterExtractFileMarks the completion of extraction of an archived file.
BeforeExtractFileMarks the start of extraction of an archived file.
DecryptionPasswordNeededRequests a decryption password, when needed.
ErrorReports information about errors during archive processing.
NotificationThis event notifies the application about an underlying control flow event.
ProgressReports the progress of data extraction.
RecipientFoundInforms the application that an archive is encrypted with a digital certificate.
SignatureFoundSignifies the start of signature validation.

Configuration Settings

The following is a list of configuration settings for the module with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

OverwriteExistingWhether the component should overwrite existing files.
TempPathPath for storing temporary files.
CheckKeyIntegrityBeforeUseEnables or disable private key integrity check before use.
CookieCachingSpecifies whether a cookie cache should be used for HTTP(S) transports.
CookiesGets or sets local cookies for the component (supported for HTTPClient, RESTClient and SOAPClient only).
DefDeriveKeyIterationsSpecifies the default key derivation algorithm iteration count.
EnableClientSideSSLFFDHEEnables or disables finite field DHE key exchange support in TLS clients.
GlobalCookiesGets or sets global cookies for all the HTTP transports.
HttpUserAgentSpecifies the user agent name to be used by all HTTP clients.
LogDestinationSpecifies the debug log destination.
LogDetailsSpecifies the debug log details to dump.
LogFileSpecifies the debug log filename.
LogFiltersSpecifies the debug log filters.
LogFlushModeSpecifies the log flush mode.
LogLevelSpecifies the debug log level.
LogMaxEventCountSpecifies the maximum number of events to cache before further action is taken.
LogRotationModeSpecifies the log rotation mode.
MaxASN1BufferLengthSpecifies the maximal allowed length for ASN.1 primitive tag data.
MaxASN1TreeDepthSpecifies the maximal depth for processed ASN.1 trees.
OCSPHashAlgorithmSpecifies the hash algorithm to be used to identify certificates in OCSP requests.
UseOwnDNSResolverSpecifies whether the client components should use own DNS resolver.
UseSharedSystemStoragesSpecifies whether the validation engine should use a global per-process copy of the system certificate stores.
UseSystemOAEPAndPSSEnforces or disables the use of system-driven RSA OAEP and PSS computations.
UseSystemRandomEnables or disables the use of the OS PRNG.

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