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ArchiveType Property

The type of the archive file.


public var archiveType: ArchivereaderArchiveTypes {
get {...} }

public enum ArchivereaderArchiveTypes: Int32 { case aftUnknown = 0 case aftZip = 1 case aftGzip = 2 case aftBzip2 = 3 case aftTar = 4 case aftTarGzip = 5 case aftTarBzip2 = 6 case aftSFX = 7 }

Default Value



Use this property to learn about the type (format) of the opened archive.

aftUnknown (0)It was not possible to establish the type of the archive file.
aftZip (1)The archive contains data in ZIP format.
aftGzip (2)The archive file contains data in GZIP format.
aftBzip2 (3)The archive contains BZIP2 data.
aftTar (4)The archive contains a .tar file.
aftTarGzip (5)The archive contains a .tar.gz file.
aftTarBzip2 (6)The archive contains data in .tar.bz2 format.

This property is read-only.

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