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CreateNew Method

Creates a new archive.


public func createNew(archiveType: Int32) throws -> Void


Use this method to create a new archive file. Provide the desired archive type in the ArchiveType parameter.

The following archive types are currently supported:

aftUnknown (0)It was not possible to establish the type of the archive file (not applicable here).
aftZip (1)The archive contains data in ZIP format.
aftGzip (2)The archive file contains data in GZIP format.
aftBzip2 (3)The archive contains BZIP2 data.
aftTar (4)The archive contains a .tar file.
aftTarGzip (5)The archive contains a .tar.gz file.
aftTarBzip2 (6)The archive contains data in .tar.bz2 format.

The archive will be kept in memory until written down with Save or SaveStream method.

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