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Save Method

Compresses the archive and saves it to a file.


public func save(archiveName: String) throws -> Void


Use this method to finalize all preparations, compress all the entries set up in Files collection,and write the created archive to ArchiveName file.

This method carries out a lot of work and fires a number of events during its execution. Beforethe compression process starts, PrepareFile event fires repeatedly to provide the summaryof what is being included into the archive. A handler of that event is a good place to makelast-minute modifications to the data sources, file names, and actions to take upon the files.

Compression of each entry is surrounded with BeforeCompressFile and AfterCompressFile "brackets". Subscribe to BeforeCompressFile to supply the file contents for entries with Buffer and Stream data sources. AfterCompressFileis a good place to release the content stream alloated in the BeforeCompressFile eventhandler.

Progress event fires repeatedly to report the progress of the current and whole operations. It also provides an opportunity to abort the compression process.

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