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CustomAuthStart Event

Reports the beginning of a custom authentication method.


func onCustomAuthStart(userID: String, authMethod: String, authMethodPars: inout String, authMethodData: inout String)


This event marks the start of an authentication method not supported by class internally and requests authentication parameters from the application.

Class currently supports the following authentication methods:

  • password
  • otp-h
  • otp-t
  • dcauth

The application may also use any number of custom authentication method it wants. Each such method is identified by a unique string name (such as 'pin', 'fingerprint', or 'fingerprint-v2'). It may specify them in DefaultAuthMethods property, or provide on the fly via AuthStart event.

The event handler may return authentication parameters and application-specific data to be associated with the authentication attempt via AuthMethodPars and AuthMethodData parameters.

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