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Sign Method

Creates a new CAdES signature over the provided data.


public func sign(level: Int32, detached: Bool) throws -> Void


Call this method to produce a new signature of the needed Level over the provided data. Set Detached to true to generate a detached signature (stored as a separate file and not including the data).

CAdES standard defines a number of different 'levels' of signatures. Supported signature levels:

cslUnknown0Unknown signature level

cslBES1BES (Basic Electronic Signature)

cslEPES2EPES (Electronic Signature with an Explicit Policy)

cslT3T (Timestamped)

cslC4C (T with revocation references)

cslXType15X Type 1 (C with an ES-C timestamp)

cslXType26X Type 2 (C with a CertsAndCRLs timestamp)

cslXLType17XL Type 1 (C with revocation values and an ES-C timestamp)

cslXLType28XL Type 2 (C with revocation values and a CertsAndCRLs timestamp)

cslBaselineB9Baseline B (B-B, basic)

cslBaselineT10Baseline T (B-T, timestamped)

cslBaselineLT11Baseline LT (B-LT, long-term)

cslBaselineLTA12Baseline LTA (B-LTA, long-term with archived timestamp)

cslExtendedBES13Extended BES

cslExtendedEPES14Extended EPES

cslExtendedT15Extended T

cslExtendedC16Extended C

cslExtendedXType117Extended X Type 1

cslExtendedXType218Extended X Type 2

cslExtendedXLType119Extended XL Type 1

cslExtendedXLType220Extended XL Type 2

cslExtendedA21Extended A

cslA22A (archived)

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