SecureBlackbox 2020 macOS Edition

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GenerateExternal Method

Generates a new certificate with an external signing device.


public func generateExternal(keyBits: Int32) throws -> Void


Call this method to generate a new certificate based on the information provided via Certificate, CACertificate, and CertificateRequest parameters as given below:

If CACertificate is provided but CertificateRequest is not, a certificate signed by the CA certificate will be generated based on the information configured in the Certificate object.

If both CACertificate and CertificateRequest are set, a certificate based on the certificate request and signed by the CA certificate will be generated. The private key contained in the certificate request will be used.

If neither CACertificate nor CertificateRequest are set, an exception will be thrown: only CA-issued certificates can be generated remotely.

KeyBits specifies the number of bits in the key to be generated. Note that this property is ignored in the case of request-based generation.

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