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InterimValidationResult Property

Contains the validation status of the moment.


public var interimValidationResult: CertificatevalidatorInterimValidationResults {
get {...}
set {...} }

public enum CertificatevalidatorInterimValidationResults: Int32 { case cvtValid = 0 case cvtValidButUntrusted = 1 case cvtInvalid = 2 case cvtCantBeEstablished = 3 }

Default Value



Over the course of the validation process, the validator maintains an interim validity status for the chain that is being processed. This status is influenced by every single step of the validation routine, and may change along the way, before the end of the chain is reached and the final validation conclusion is drawn.

Use this property to check the interim validity status mid-flight.

cvtValid0The chain is valid

cvtValidButUntrusted1The chain is valid, but the root certificate is not trusted

cvtInvalid2The chain is not valid (some of certificates are revoked, expired, or contain an invalid signature)

cvtCantBeEstablished3The validity of the chain cannot be established because of missing or unavailable validation information (certificates, CRLs, or OCSP responses)

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