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StorageId Property

Specifies the signing certificate residing in an alternative location.


public var storageId: String {
get {...}
set {...} }

Default Value



Use this property to specify the signing certificate contained on alternative media, such as a hardware device or in a system certificate store.

Example 1: The certificate resides on a PKCS#11 device


Example 2: The certificate resides in a system store


You can use the following URI modifiers to provide more accurate specifiers for the needed certificate:

  • cn: the common name of the certificate subject.
  • keyid: the unique identifier included in subject key identifier extension of the certificate.
  • keyusage: a comma-separated list of enabled (+) or disabled (-) key usages. The following usages are supported: signature, nonrepudiation, keyencipherment, dataencipherment, keyagreement, keycertsign, crlsign, encipheronly, decipheronly, serverauth, clientauth, codesigning, emailprotection, timestamping, ocspsigning, smartcardlogon, keypurposeclientauth, keypurposekdc.
  • fingerprint: the fingerprint of the certificate.

Example 3: selecting the certificate with a given fingerprint:


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