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BeforeChangeDirectory Event

Notifies about an incoming change directory request.


func onBeforeChangeDirectory(connectionID: Int64, directory: String, action: inout Int32)


The class fires this event to notify the application about a received directory change request. ConnectionID identifies the connected client.

Set Action to fraAuto to let the server handle the request automatically, or to fraCustom to handle the request in your code. Subscribe to ChangeDirectory to be notified when to perform the request. It is the ChangeDirectory event handler where you should perform the overridden action.

Upon completion of the request, either in manual or override mode, the AfterChangeDirectory event will be fired.

Choose Action as one of the following values:

fraAuto1Handle the requested action automatically by the server

fraCustom2Override the action using the user code logic

fraAbort3Abort the requested action

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