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FindNext Event

An override for a directory listing entry request operation.


func onFindNext(connectionID: Int64, operationStatus: inout Int32)


The class fires this event in a loop after calling FindInit to request one directory entry from the application.

This event only fires if Action = fraCustom was passed back from BeforeFind event. No default listing operation will be performed by the server component.

Inside the handler, pass the entry details to the server component by tuning up the ClientFileEntry object to contain the details of the requested entry, and committing those details to the component with SetClientFileEntry method.

Use the OperationStatus parameter to return the operation result back to the server. After submitting all the directory entries to the component, set OperationStatus to ostEOF to tell the components that no more entries are left.

This event will be followed by FindClose call which will let you make final adjustments to the returned code.

Set OperationStatus to one of the following values:


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