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Verify Method

Verifies digitally signed data.


public func verify() throws -> Void


PKCS#7 and its successor, CMS, support two types of signatures: (1) enveloping signatures, where the signed data and its signature are combined in the same message, and (2) detached signatures, where the signature is stored as a separate entity. This method verifies enveloped signatures and extracts data contained in them. Use VerifyDetached to verify detached signatures.

This method expects the enveloping signature to be provided via InputFile or InputStream properties.

Note that this method only checks the integrity of the signature, i.e., that it is signed with the claimed certificate and has not been altered. It does not validate the signing certificate chain. To validate the certificate chain, either use CertificateValidator component together with MessageVerifier, or consider using CAdESVerifier component instead.

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