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ExternalDecrypt Event

Handles remote or external decryption.


func onExternalDecrypt(operationId: String, algorithm: String, pars: String, encryptedData: String, data: inout String)


Assign a handler to this event if you need to delegate a low-level decryption operation to an external, remote, or custom decryption engine. The handler receives a encrypted value in the EncryptedData parameter, and is expected to decrypt it and place the decrypted value into the Data parameter.

OperationId provides a comment about the operation and its origin. It depends on the exact component being used, and may be empty. Algorithm specifies the encryption algorithm being used, and Pars contain algorithm-dependent parameters.

The component uses base16 (hex) encoding for EncryptedData, Data, and Pars parameters. If your decryption engine uses a different input and output encoding, you may need to decode and/or encode the data before and/or after the decryption.

A sample data encoded in base16: a0dee2a0382afbb09120ffa7ccd8a152 - lower case base16 A0DEE2A0382AFBB09120FFA7CCD8A152 - upper case base16

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