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ChainValidationResult Property

The general outcome of a certificate chain validation routine. Use ChainValidationDetails to get information about the reasons that contributed to the validation result.


public var chainValidationResult: PdfverifierChainValidationResults {
get {...} }

public enum PdfverifierChainValidationResults: Int32 { case cvtValid = 0 case cvtValidButUntrusted = 1 case cvtInvalid = 2 case cvtCantBeEstablished = 3 }

Default Value



Available options:

cvtValid0The chain is valid

cvtValidButUntrusted1The chain is valid, but the root certificate is not trusted

cvtInvalid2The chain is not valid (some of certificates are revoked, expired, or contain an invalid signature)

cvtCantBeEstablished3The validity of the chain cannot be established because of missing or unavailable validation information (certificates, CRLs, or OCSP responses)

Use the ValidationLog property to access the detailed validation log.

This property is read-only.

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