SecureBlackbox 2020 macOS Edition

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RESTServer Errors

HTTPServer Errors

1048577   Invalid parameter value (SB_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER)
1048578   Class is configured incorrectly (SB_ERROR_INVALID_SETUP)
1048579   Operation cannot be executed in the current state (SB_ERROR_INVALID_STATE)
1048580   Attempt to set an invalid value to a property (SB_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE)
1048581   Certificate does not have its private key loaded (SB_ERROR_NO_PRIVATE_KEY)
1048581   Cancelled by the user (SB_ERROR_CANCELLED_BY_USER) 
19922945   Unsupported keep-alive policy (SB_ERROR_HTTP_UNSUPPORTED_KEEPALIVEPOLICY)

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