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AuthFailed Event

Fires if an authentication attempt fails.


func onAuthFailed(authType: Int32)


This event fires if an authentication attempt fails (for example, if a bad password had been provided). AuthType parameter indicates the authentication type.

AuthFailed may be fired more than once, depending on the configured authentication parameters and the value assigned to the AuthAttempts property.

This event does not necessarily lead to connection abortion, as the client may still have a chance of authenticating with a different method.

Supported authentication types:

atRhosts0x01RHOSTS file authentication. Rarely used today.

atPublicKey0x02Public key (sometimes called private key) authentication

atPassword0x04Password-based authentication

atHostbased0x08Hostbased authentication

atKeyboard0x10Keyboard-interactive authentication. This is often used in place of generic password authentication.

atGssWithMic0x20GSS authentication

atGssKeyex0x40GSS authentication with key exchange

atPublicKeyAgent0x80Public key agent authentication

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