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SOAPResponseType Property

The type of the response.


public var soapResponseType: SoapclientSOAPResponseTypes {
get {...} }

public enum SoapclientSOAPResponseTypes: Int32 { case srtUnknown = 0 case srtBinary = 1 case srtXMLDocument = 2 case srtSOAPMessage = 3 }

Default Value



Use this property to learn about the type (format) of the response provided by the SOAP service.

srtUnknown0It was not possible to identify the response type. Either connection error has occurred or the service returned an unexpected HTTP status code.
srtBinary1The SOAP service has returned binary data.
srtXMLDocument2The SOAP service has returned an XML document.
srtSOAPMessage3The SOAP service has returned a SOAP message.

This property is read-only.

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