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DataSent Event

Notifies the application that a piece of data has been sent to the server.


func onDataSent(bytesSent: Int32, bytesPending: Int32)


Subscribe to this event to be notified about the outbound data flow. This event fires following a call to Send or SendBytes methods to notify the application that the data provided has been sent to the server. This event may fire more than once for each Send or SendBytes call, subject to the volume of data being sent and the settings of the server.

The BytesSent parameter specifies the number of bytes that has just been sent to the server. The BytesPending indicate the number of bytes that remain cached in the internal buffer. Any bytes cached in such way will be sent again on the next available opportunity and reported via a separate DataSent event invocation.

Please note that just like other asynchronous mode events this event may fire from a secondary thread. Please make sure your code is prepared for that by using appropriate synchronization facilities.

This event does not fire in synchronous mode.

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