SecureBlackbox 2020 macOS Edition

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Connect Method

Establishes connection to an SSH server.


public func connect(address: String, port: Int32) throws -> Void


Use this method to connect to the SSH server by providing its Address and Port.

Before connecting to the server you might want to set up your credentials using Username and Password properties. You might also need to configure the server key validation routine. You can do this by subscribing to KnownKeyReceived and UnknownKeyReceived events and implementing the event handlers as required.

Adjust AsyncMode before connecting to switch the component to either synchronous or asynchronous mode. In synchronous mode, all the calls to the component, such as Connect or SendBytes, are executed within the context of the caller thread, and block until the action completes. In asynchronous mode, the component runs the SSH session in a background thread, which makes all such calls return immediately. Find out more about the modes in the AsyncMode topic.

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