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Upgrade Method

Upgrades existing XAdES signature to a new form.


public func upgrade(toForm: Int32) throws -> Void


XAdES standard defines a number of different 'forms' of signatures which can be used for different purposes. Use this method to upgrade XAdES signature to a new form specified by ToForm. Signatures can normally be upgraded from less sophisticated levels (BES, EPES) to more sophisticated (T, C, X, X-L, A).

Supported forms:

xafBasic1XAdES form, supported by XAdES v1.1.1
xafBES2XAdES-BES form, supported starting from XAdES v1.2.2
xafEPES3XAdES-EPES form, supported starting from XAdES v1.2.2
xafT4XAdES-T form
xafC5XAdES-C form
xafX6XAdES-X form
xafXL7XAdES-X-L form
xafA8XAdES-A form
xafExtendedBES9XAdES-E-BES form
xafExtendedEPES10XAdES-E-EPES form
xafExtendedT11XAdES-E-T form
xafExtendedC12XAdES-E-C form
xafExtendedX13XAdES-E-X form
xafExtendedXLong14XAdES-E-X-Long form (type 1)
xafExtendedXL15XAdES-E-X-L form (type 2)
xafExtendedA16XAdES-E-A form

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