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ChainValidationDetails Property

The details of a certificate chain validation outcome.


public var chainValidationDetails: Int32 {
get {...} }

Default Value



Use the value(s) returned by this property to identify the reasons that contributed to the overall validation result.

Returns a bit mask of the following options:

cvrBadData0x0001One or more certificates in the validation path are malformed

cvrRevoked0x0002One or more certificates are revoked

cvrNotYetValid0x0004One or more certificates are not yet valid

cvrExpired0x0008One or more certificates are expired

cvrInvalidSignature0x0010A certificate contains a non-valid digital signature

cvrUnknownCA0x0020A CA certificate for one or more certificates has not been found (chain incomplete)

cvrCAUnauthorized0x0040One of the CA certificates are not authorized to act as CA

cvrCRLNotVerified0x0080One or more CRLs could not be verified

cvrOCSPNotVerified0x0100One or more OCSP responses could not be verified

cvrIdentityMismatch0x0200The identity protected by the certificate (a TLS endpoint or an e-mail addressee) does not match what is recorded in the certificate

cvrNoKeyUsage0x0400A mandatory key usage is not enabled in one of the chain certificates

cvrBlocked0x0800One or more certificates are blocked

cvrFailure0x1000General validation failure

cvrChainLoop0x2000Chain loop: one of the CA certificates recursively signs itself

cvrWeakAlgorithm0x4000A weak algorithm is used in one of certificates or revocation elements

cvrUserEnforced0x8000The chain was considered invalid following intervention from a user code

This property is read-only.

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