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XMLElement Property

Specifies the XML element where to save the signature data.


public var xmlElement: String {
get {...}
set {...} }

Default Value



This property specifies the XML element where to save the electronic signature.

Supported values are:

""an empty string indicates the Document element
"#id"indicates an XML element with specified Id
XPath expressionindicates an XML element selected using XPath expression. Use XPathNamespaces property to specify Prefixes and NamespaceURIs
For example:
"/root/data[1]" - indicates the second "data" element under the document element with a name "root"
"//ns1:data" - indicates a data element. "ns1" prefix should be defined in XPathNamespaces property
Node nameindicates an XML element selected using its NodeName.
For example: "data" - indicates an XML element with node name "data".

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