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Qualified Property

Indicates a qualified electronic signature.


public var qualified: XadesverifierQualifieds {
get {...} }

public enum XadesverifierQualifieds: Int32 { case sqsUnknown = 0 case sqsNone = 1 case sqsGranted = 2 case sqsWithdrawn = 3 case sqsSetByNationalLaw = 4 case sqsDeprecatedByNationalLaw = 5 case sqsRecognizedAtNationalLevel = 6 case sqsDeprecatedAtNationalLevel = 7 case sqsUnderSupervision = 8 case sqsSupervisionInCessation = 9 case sqsSupervisionCeased = 10 case sqsSupervisionRevoked = 11 case sqsAccredited = 12 case sqsAccreditationCeased = 13 case sqsAccreditationRevoked = 14 case sqsInAccordance = 15 case sqsExpired = 16 case sqsSuspended = 17 case sqsRevoked = 18 case sqsNotInAccordance = 19 }

Default Value



Use this property to check if an electronic signature is created using a qualified device for creating electronic signatures and that relies on a qualified electronic signature certificate.

Adjust UseDefaultTSLs property and/or CustomTSLs property before validating the signature/certificate to properly obtain TSP (Trust Service Provider) service status. Use Qualified* and TSL* config properties to obtain extended information.

The following qualified statuses are supported:

sqsUnknown0Qualified status unknown. Use config's QualifiedInfo setting to obtain service status URI.




sqsSetByNationalLaw4Set by national law

sqsDeprecatedByNationalLaw5Deprecated by national law

sqsRecognizedAtNationalLevel6Recognized at national level

sqsDeprecatedAtNationalLevel7Deprecated at national level

sqsUnderSupervision8Under supervision

sqsSupervisionInCessation9Supervision in cessation

sqsSupervisionCeased10Supervision ceased

sqsSupervisionRevoked11Supervision revoked


sqsAccreditationCeased13Accreditation ceased

sqsAccreditationRevoked14Accreditation revoked

sqsInAccordance15Deprecated. The subject service is in accordance with the scheme's specific status determination criteria (only for use in positive approval schemes).

sqsExpired16Deprecated. The subject service is no longer overseen by the scheme, e.g. due to nonrenewal or withdrawal by the TSP, or cessation of the service or the scheme's operations.

sqsSuspended17Deprecated. The subject service's status is temporarily uncertain whilst checks are made by the scheme operator (typically e.g. while a revocation request is being investigated or if action is required to resolve a deficiency in the service fulfilling the scheme's criteria.

sqsRevoked18Deprecated. The subject service's approved status has been revoked because it is no longer in accordance with the scheme's specific status determination criteria (only for use in positive approval schemes).

sqsNotInAccordance19Deprecated. The subject service is not in accordance with the scheme's specific status determination criteria (only for use in negative approval schemes).

This property is read-only.

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