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EncryptedDataType Property

Specifies the type of the data being encrypted.


public var encryptedDataType: XmlencryptorEncryptedDataTypes {
get {...}
set {...} }

public enum XmlencryptorEncryptedDataTypes: Int32 { case cxedtElement = 0 case cxedtContent = 1 case cxedtExternal = 2 }

Default Value



This property specifies the data type to be encrypted.

Supported values:

cxedtElement0The XML element is encrypted.
XMLNode property specifies the XML element that should be encrypted.
cxedtContent1Element content is encrypted.
XMLNode property specifies the XML element which content should be encrypted.
cxedtExternal2External data is encrypted. Use ExternalData property to set the data that should be encrypted.
XMLNode property specifies the location where xenc:EncryptedData element should be placed.

If the XMLNode property is set to the empty string, and the InputStream and InputFile properties are not provided, then a new XML document will be created with the xenc:EncryptedData element as a document element.

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