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Supported Platforms

What platforms do you support, and what edition is right for me?

SecureBlackbox supports a number of operating platforms. As you probably noticed, some platforms are supported by more than one edition. For example, Android is supported by a dedicated Android edition, C++ edition, and Delphi edition. Which one to choose?

In most cases, the choice of the platform is substantiated by the development environment that you use or prefer to use. In the above example with Android, if you use Java for your Android development, the Android edition would be the right one to choose. If you use Firemonkey with Delphi, the Delphi edition would be a more appropriate choice.

For your convenience, we are presenting the answer from two viewpoints: from the viewpoint of someone with a specific target platform, needing to make a decision about the product edition to use, and from the viewpoint of someone interested in knowing a set of platforms supported by a particular SecureBlackbox edition.

My target platform is...


Most of development environments and SDKs are available for Windows, so virtually any SecureBlackbox edition can be used to develop for this popular platform. The only exceptions are iOS and Android edition, which target specific mobile platforms.


For Linux you can also develop with a variety of editions:

  • with .NET edition using Visual Studio Code and .NET Core
  • with Java edition, running your applications on Linux JVM
  • with Delphi edition using Embarcadero Linux compiler, FreePascal/Lazarus, or CodeTyphon
  • with C++ edition using g++
  • with Kotlin edition
  • with PHP or Python editions using respective interpreters.

Mac OS X

The following editions support development for Mac OS X:

  • .NET edition using Visual Studio Code and .NET Core
  • C++ edition using Objective C or Swift
  • Delphi edition using Embarcadero compilers for Mac OS or FreePascal
  • Java and Kotlin editions
  • Python and PHP editions


Android is supported by Android edition (pure Java for Android JVM), C++ edition, and Delphi edition using Embarcadero Android compiler.


iOS edition is supported by iOS edition (Swift) and Delphi Edition (Embarcadero iOS compiler).

I develop with ... edition, what platforms can I create apps for?

.NET edition

With .NET edition you can create applications for Windows (.NET framework, .NET Standard), Linux (.NET Standard), Mac OS X (.NET Standard), and Windows Mobile (.NET CF). You can use any compatible CLR language, including C# and VB.NET.

Java edition

Java edition supports all platforms that have an associated full JVM. This includes Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. Use Android edition to develop Java apps for Android.

Delphi edition

SecureBlackbox Delphi edition supports all Embarcadero compilers, allowing to create applications based on classic VCL and Firemonkey, as well as FreePascal. This means that you can use it to develop for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. The source code can also be built for ARM (Raspbian) using FreePascal.

The Delphi Edition - Backwards Compatibility Pack variant can also be used in C++ Builder projects.

C++ edition

C++ edition can be used to develop for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android (natively).

iOS and Android editions

These two editions target mobile platforms native tools specifically. iOS edition offers support for Objective C and Swift, and Android edition supports development in Java with Android Studio.

C++ Builder edition

C++ Builder edition (don't confuse with C++ edition) supports Windows using Embarcadero C++ Builder compilers.

PHP and Python editions

PHP and Python editions can be used with the respective interpreters on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

NodeJS edition

NodeJS edition supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Qt edition

With Qt edition you can develop for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.

Kotlin edition

Kotlin edition supports development for any platform supported by Kotlin itself. This includes Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android.

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