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Welcome to SecureBlackbox, a powerful suite of components for implementing secure data storage, transfer, protection, and much more! This collection of over 200 carefully crafted components and libraries implement security standards and network communication protocols for every popular development platform.

Components Included

ArchiveReaderThe ArchiveReader component supports inspection and extraction of files from zip, tar, gzip and bzip2 archives.
ArchiveWriterThe ArchiveWriter component allows compressing, updating and modifying files for zip, tar, gzip and bzip2 archives.
CertificateManagerThe CertificateManager component supports importing, exporting, and generating X.509 certificates.
CertificateStorageThe CertificateStorage component works with collections of certificates.
CertificateValidatorThe CertificateValidator component provides fine-grained validation of X.509 certificates.
CRLManagerThe CRLManager component supports the importing, exporting, and validation of Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs).
CryptoKeyManagerThe CryptoKeyManager component provides a simple way to load, generate and manage generic crypto keys.
CryptoKeyStorageThe CryptoKeyStorage component offers key storage functionality for a variety of key store types.
DTLSClientThe DTLSClient component provides client-side functionality of the DTLS protocol.
FTPClientThe FTPClient component provides client-side functionality for FTP and FTPS protocols.
HashFunctionThe HashFunction component implements a wide variety of algorithms for message hashing.
HTTPClientThe HTTPClient component implements client-side functionality of HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
OCSPManagerThe OCSPManager component enables the import, export, and management of OCSP responses.
PasswordVaultThe PasswordVault component implements a vault for keeping passwords and other sensitive properties.
PublicKeyCryptoThe PublicKeyCrypto component supports encrypting, decrypting, signing and verifying messages.
RESTClientThe RESTClient component implements client-side functionality for the REST protocol.
RndThe Rnd component class is a basic provider of random number generation functionality.
SFTPClientThe SFTPClient component provides client-side functionality for SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).
SSHClientThe SSHClient component provides client-side SSH protocol functionality.
SSHKeyManagerThe SSHKeyManager component stores information about SSH keys.
SymmetricCryptoThe SymmetricCrypto component supports encrypting and decrypting messages.
TLSClientThe TLSClient component provides client-side functionality of the TLS protocol.
WebDAVClientThe WebDAVClient component provides client-side functionality of the WebDAV protocol.

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